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bchc members and gong2

Some members and the executives of Benin Cultural Heritage Centr (BCHC)


The Administrative organs shall be:

  1. The Grand Patron
  2. The Patrons
  3. The Board of Trustees
  4. The General Assembly
  5. The Executive Council
  6. Standing committees


The Executive Council (EXCO)

  1. The President
  2. The Vice President
  3. Secretary
  4. Assistant secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Financial secretary
  7. Legal adviser
  8. Auditor
  9. Publicity secretary
  10. Chairmen of staning committees
  11. Two ex-officio members, one of who shall be the immediate past chairman

The General Assembly

All registered, financial and active members of the Benin Cultural Heritage Centre (BCHC) shall constitute members of the General Assembly


Standing Committees

  1. Financial and Economic Committee
  2. Political and Security Committee
  3. Socio-Cultural committee
  4. Youth Vanguard
  5. Women Vanguard
  6. Edos in Diaspora


These committees as their names suggest, shall act to propagate and execute the directives and ideas of the organization or in accordance with the rules and regulations of the organization as defined by the Executive Council.


Officers of Standing Committees

The Executive Officers of each standing committee shall be 6 members.

  1. The Chairman
  2. The Vice-chairman
  3. The Secretary
  4. Assistant secretary
  5. Ex-officio member


All standing committees shall have the right to co-opt any member. All standing committees shall report to President and / or the Executive council and all standing committees are to be sworn in b the President or his / her representatives.



  1. Financial and Economic Committee

Shall with approval of Exco be responsible for planning and execution of fund raising activities for the organization as well as planning and execution of economic activities towards general economic revival of the Edo Nation

They shall work with resources to:

  1. Encourage and sensitize Edos to invest in technical, education, tourism, financial institutions, trade, transportation, information technology, handwork, etc.
  2. Solicit for Government support for the Edo people
  3. Encourage Edos to patronize our kith and kin
  4. Woo investors to Benin kingdom
  5. Organize necessary and strategic lectures, seminars and workshops to promote economic development of the Edos
  6. Promote financial empowerment of the Edo people
  7. Develop economic ties with other ethnic nationalities


  1. Political and Security Committee

Shll be responsible for the planning and execution of activities towards general political revival and stability of the Edo Nation. The committee shall work with resource persons to:

  1. Promote unity and peace among the Edo people
  2. Protect the remains of Benin land
  3. Encourage good leadership and followership
  4. Encourage patriotic enlightened Edos in leadership positions
  5. Organize necessary lectures for related sensitizations
  6. Develop political friendship / relationships with other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria


  1. Socio Cultural Committee

Shall be responsible for planning and execution of activities towards socio-cultural awareness and advancement of the Edos. The committee shall work with resource persons to:

  1. Promote advancement of Edo arts, literature and tourism
  2. Promote the use and development of Edo language
  3. Strengthen Edo communication system.
  4. Promote Edo investments in print and electronic media for propagation of Edo interests.
  5. Sensitize Edos on Edo culture as regard Edo dress code, food, games, festival, traditional, medicine, oneness, etc.
  6. Develop Edo friendship with other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria


  1. Youth Vanguard

Shall sensitize Edo youth all over the world to imbibe the culture and ideals of the Benin Cultural Heritage Centre (BCHC) and the Edo race


  1. Women Vanguard

Shall sensitize Edo women on the vision of the BCHC and on the culture and ideals of the Edos



The various level of meetings shall hold as follows:

  1. Grand Patron, Patrons, BOT, Exco, one per year
  2. BOT – two times per year
  3. AGM – one per year
  4. Exco – one per month
  5. General meeting (general assembly) – one per month
  6. Standing committees – as necessary
  7. Sub-committees as necessary


  1. If the President fails to summon meetings, he could be compelled to do so on a motion by 1/3 of the members present
  2. In all cases notice of meetings shall be given at least one week before the meetings, except emergency meetings
  3. Quorum shall be formed by 1/3 of members at all costs
  4. On any matter where there is a division, the matter shall be put to vote and when there is a tie, the President shall exercise his / her power of casting the deciding vote,
  5. Meetings shall observe the normal standing orders of meetings to promote orderliness.